1720 S.State Road Rear Lot N.201
Upper Darby,PA 19082
Phone:610-352-8008 Fax:610-352-8222

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       It is our goal to provide high quality, seasonal landscaping products at very competitive prices to meet your needs and expectations.
Minutes from the Main Line, Delco Mulch and Supply LLC is conveniently located at 1720 South State Road in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and understand that your time is your most precious resource.  Lost time is lost money. We strive to serve you in the most fast and efficient way as possible to get you back on your way. Please allow us the opportunity to do business with you. Delco Mulch has been servicing Delaware County areas offering:-
  • Triple Shredded Black Dyed Mulch (Best Seller)
  • Triple Shredded Natural Brown
  • Premium Shredded Hardwood Bark Mulch 
  • Screened Topsoil
  • Split and Seasoned Firewood
  • Leaf Compost

        Premium Shredded Hardwood Bark Mulch 
        Is a wholly organic horticultural groundcover manufactured from the bark of hardwood trees. The bark is sorted, screened, and mechanically shredded to medium fine consistency and aged to a rich chocolate brown color.

       Our products are available for both  delivery or pick it up, Our clients are welcome to stop by our yard to view the quality of our products.
We accept yard waste like:

  • Leaves
  • Brush     
  • Tree Branches
  • Logs
  • Vines
  • Wood Chips
  • Full Dirt
  • Concrete
  • Rock and Stone



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